"If you want business financing done right, do it yourself!"

Parametric Finance enables
Companies and their advisers to
✓  Get the right business financing
✓  As fast as possible
✓  At minimal cost

Better financings:

We never ask you "How much do you need?" or provide generic band-aid solutions.   Our corporate finance algorithms find business financing strategies based on your company's financial information and purpose of financing.  We first tell you what financing strategy your business can support, then you refine to achieve a well-suited financing strategy.

Faster financings:

Stop wasting your time searching for financing that ends in sub-optimal results or rejection.  Our corporate finance programs match your desired business financing strategy to potential financing sources based on key parameters.  This targeted funders list enables you to focus on the financing sources most likely to be interested in providing financing.

Lower cost financings:

Unless you are dealing directly with a lender or equity provider, you are likely paying an expensive commission - whether you see it or not - that gets added to your financing cost.  Our corporate finance tools and resources enable you to conduct your own financing, purchasing only the services and support you need, with no expensive commissions or success fees.

Our proprietary capital market database
✓ covers Canada and the United States
✓ compiled and continuously updated from multiple sources, subscriptions, newsfeeds
✓ continuously vetted to ensure funders are actively seeking new opportunities
Senior Lenders
Subdebt & mezzanine lenders
Equity funds

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