FinanceStarter F5Y - Completed Sample

The FinanceStarter T12M was designed to give you financing answers fast by requiring only “Trailing 12 Month” financial statements, while giving you control over the key assumptions in your financing analysis.

The following input panel provides a completed sample for you to play around with.  Go ahead – change some of the financial statement and financing parameters (in green cells) and see what happens.  You can’t break it; simply refresh your browser and play some more.  When you feel ready to input your own financial information, return to the blank input panel by clicking here.

The FinanceStarter F5Y online corporate finance program is provided here courtesy of Excel Online from OneDrive.  It typically loads in a few seconds, but occasional service disruptions on the part of Microsoft may result in failure to load.  If that happens, we apologize but please try back again in a few minutes or hours.  If the problem persists, please contact us by phone or via the comments form below, so that we may assist you directly.

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