FinanceStarter T12M

The Finance Starter T12M online corporate finance program was designed to provide a financing strategy fast by requiring only “Trailing 12 Month” financial statements, while giving you control over the key assumptions in your financing analysis.  It is best suited to financing situations where the company’s financial position and performance are relatively stable or follow predictable trends from year to year based on recent performance.

If your company’s financial position or performance is expected to vary significantly from year to year, we recommend the FinanceStarter F5Y online corporate finance program, which develops a financing strategy tailored to specific financial information entered from a 5-year forecast.  This more powerful functionality can be accessed under the Premium Membership which, if you currently have the Basic Membership, can be upgraded to by going to the Account page, and under the Subscriptions tab select “Change Plan” to upgrade your Basic Membership to the Premium Membership.

The information you enter here is completely confidential and is not stored anywhere. Should you wish to order a report or perform advanced analysis, read below for further instructions or refer to the guide.

Before you complete the blank form below, you may wish to view the video tutorial, play with a completed sample to see how changes impact the financing options, or review the detailed guide.

The FinanceStarter T12M online corporate finance program is provided here courtesy of Excel Online from OneDrive.  It typically loads in a few seconds, but occasional service disruptions on the part of Microsoft may result in failure to load.  If that happens, we apologize but please try back again in a few minutes or hours.  If the problem persists, please contact us by phone or via the comments form below, so that we may assist you directly.

Like the financing strategy you have developed above?

Want to fast-track your financing transaction?

Get the Financing Strategy Report and Prospective Funder List for just US$849.  Together these provide financial analysis (financing spectrum analysis, forecast financial statements, loan value limits, loan coverage, loan amortizations and covenant compliance) to prepare your financing marketing materials and direct you to the funders most likely to be interested in your proposed financing opportunity.

For less than the cost of a 2-day conference, you can avoid the countless days (or weeks) and associated cost of professional time spent preparing this financial material, which will be provided to you in a customized report that can be used to prepare presentation materials for prospective financing sources.

Simply email the information you have entered above in either a spreadsheet format (preferred) or as a pdf file to us at, together with your company name and address, contact person and position, and contact email and phone number. The spreadsheet method involves the following steps: (1) place your mouse pointer on the upper left of the input screen (to the left of the version number) and dragging the mouse down to the bottom right to select the entire area; (2) while holding down the Ctrl key, press ‘C’ to copy the selected area (i.e. <CTRL+C>); (3) open a new spreadsheet (Excel preferred) and paste contents into cell A1 (you should see a rough data dump that we can work with); (4) save the new spreadsheet with an appropriate filename in a location you can remember; and (5) email the spreadsheet file to us with the required company, individual and contact information listed above.  Alternatively, you can: (1) print the web page as a pdf file to a location you can remember; and (2) email the pdf file to us with the required company, individual and contact information listed above.

We will review and process your request, which may require us to contact you to obtain or clarify certain information.  Only after we are satisfied with the analytical results will we email you an invoice for payment.  Upon receipt of payment, we will email the Financing Strategy Report and Prospective Funder List.  Turnaround time is typically 12 to 48 hours (the pdf file method will be somewhat longer due to data re-entry required on our end).

Your feedback helps us improve!

At Parametric Finance we know that there is always room for improvement.  Your comments enable us to evolve our online corporate finance programs, supporting resources, and services in aspects that are most import to you and that will enhance your user experience.  Telling us what you like helps us know what we’ve done right (and makes us feel good), and telling us what you don’t like helps us focus on resolving those problems for you and everyone else.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to comment!

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